Squash rising star Sivasangari now world no. 16

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,National squash champion S. Sivasangari has risen three rungs in the world squash rankings, now placing 16th, with an average of 376.11 points. – EPA pic July 2, 2022.

NATIONAL women’s squash player S. Sivasangari is closing in steadily on the world’s top 10 after climbing three rungs to 16th position in the world rankings.

The 23-year-old, who was recently crowned champion at the National Squash Championships, averaged 376.11 points (total pts: 3,866), according to the rankings on the PSA World Tour website.

However, Sivasangari is still more than 2,000 points away from world number 10 Olivia Fiechter (United States) who averaged 549.44 points (total pts: 5,930).  

The top three positions in the world are now occupied by Egyptians – Nouran Gohar with an average of 2,259.444 points (total points: 22,340), followed by Nour El Sherbini (1,896.667 average points, total pts 17,070) and Hania El Hammamy (1,542.222 average points, total pts 14,290.0).

Meanwhile, two other national women’s players, Aifa Azman and Rachel Arnold are ranked 24th (299.444 average points) and 34th (225.556 average points) respectively.

Sivasangari, a gold medal prospect and proposed national flag bearer at the 2022 Commonwealth Games with para-powerlifter Bonnie Bunyau Gustin, had to scrap her appearance in Birmingham after being seriously injured in a car accident recently.

Her spot will be filled by Aifa, who will be teaming up with Arnold in the women’s doubles event. Aifa was also chosen as the replacement ceremonial flag bearer at the Commonwealth Games. – Bernama, July 2, 2022.

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