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KUALA LUMPUR: PLS Plantations Bhd has appointed Lee Hun Kheng as its group CEO, effective immediately.

In a statement, the plantations group said Lee would remain an executive director on the board as well as CEO of the group's forest plantation unit, Aramijaya Agri & Agro Sdn Bhd.

“We are pleased to welcome Lee Hun Kheng as our new Group CEO.

"His role as CEO of Aramijaya, the group’s forest plantation subsidiary and his 19 years’ experience in the upstream and downstream sectors of the plantations industry will be critical in helping PLS Plantations navigate the complex industry and dynamic environment, as the group transforms itself into Malaysia’s leading sustainable agrifood company," said PLS Plantations independent non-executive chairman Tan Sri Nazir Razak.

He added that Lee's appointment is part of the group’s efforts to strengthen its senior management bench as it diversifies into commercial durian planting alongside cash crops and forest plantation.

Prior to his appointment as CEO at Aramijaya, Lee was the marketing manager, responsible for increasing the product line offerings, through setting up new accounts of timber products and establishing the research and development projects on plantation.

He is also a member of The Incorporated Society of Planters, a society established to develop and advance the professionalinterests of members within the plantation industry.

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